Our Story

Our founder founded this awesome business by chance.

With his class of 200 students, they analyzed every single kind of plants, live stock and seafood. After 9 months of extensive research, the results pointed that Crawfish is the most profitable live stock to rear and sell. Simply because of 3 main factors – the high reproduction rates of crawfishes, their extremely low mortality and their high international demand.

We started a farm in Singapore at Sungei Tengah to rear our first batch of crawfishes. It wasn’t straightforward and easy, we went through trial and error and hit the walls various times. Our founder went overseas to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Cambodia and even Vietnam to learn rearing and breeding techniques as well as technology from various aquaculture farms. Armed with new knowledge and technologies, he came back and implemented these techniques at our farm and the rest is history.

To date, we are proud to reveal that our aquaculture techniques and technologies are at the forefront of the aquaculture industry and we have expanded our business and farms to Malaysia and Indonesia.


We are committed to
providing the freshest live crawfish from
our farm to you.


For us, sustainability is fundamental and necessary. It is about finding a balance and we strive to be the leading live crawfish suppliers advocating Asia’s food culture.

Corporate Values

Passion, Responsibility, Integrity,
Diversity ,Excellence

Our Team