Emerging Discovery

Technology & Techniques

We collaborate with scientists in Singapore and spent more than a year of vigorous research and testing.

An Untapped Market

Halal food market 2019, global consumption, regional share, supply-demand analysis, key trending products, industry size worth USD$1630 million by 2024.

Replicable Expansion Plans

To replicate existing model from Indonesia to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Our Expansion Plans


Our Grand Future Plans

To date we have farms in Singapore, Malaysia as well as Indonesia and we are partnered with farmers all across Asia. We incorporated nine (9) unique technologies in the aquaculture space to ensure our crawfishes grow strong, fast and healthy. We conduct research on crawfish genetics to ensure rearing suitability internationally as well as a specially formulated crawfish feed to enhance their growth.

To date we have filed for patents on our crawfish auto birthing systems as well as rearing techniques which enables us to effectively yield the babies with a significant reduction of up to 90% labor and 80% energy on a commercial scale.

Looking forward; My team and I are raising funds to set up the world’s first Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) crawfish hatchery in Singapore, where we estimate to produce a minimum of 250,000 fries per day. We will also set up our Brood Stock Multiplication Centre to produce genetically selected crawfishes as we franchise our hatchery internationally.